Tape Light

Tape Light

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Upgrade your camping experience with the easy to use NoBox Tape Light. Open your world to the possibilities that this retractable light can provide for you. The Tape Light’s extendability can reach up to 18” in length with 30 individual LED lights in the cord. In order to help you illuminate your life, the compact design allows you to attach it anywhere using the attached rope, such as your backpack, inside your tent or even when you cozy up in your hammock to read a good book. The tape light also features high and low light settings, making it more diverse for your on-the-go needs. These LED strip lights come with long-lasting rechargeable technology with up to 36 hours of duration time, and to make things even brighter, our warm led strip lights to recharge in only 2 hours. Specs also include an array of different body colors, adding to the personality of the gadget. Not only does this tape light provide a plethora of versatile features, but it is also budget-friendly, enabling you to have one in your pocket for every aspect of life. 


  • High and Low light output

  • Battery life: 3.5 hours on High, up to 36 hours on Low. Fully recharges in 2 hours

  • Extendable/Retractable 18” strip with 30 individual LED lights

  • Includes USB and paracord

  • One Year Warranty

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