NoBox Chef Knife

NoBox Chef Knife


With German-grade level stainless steel, the NoBox Tools 8” Stainless Steel Knife not only cuts on any surface, such as glass or wood cutting boards but also maintains its edge longer, making it perfect for any backcountry chef or traveling cook. Unlike other kitchen knives, this multi-purpose chef knife includes an easily maintained blade with a balanced ergonomic weighted handle which provides you the most optimized comfort and use. Whether your plan is to carve, slice, chop, fillet or simply cut, this next-level kitchen knife has got you covered and will quickly become a staple piece of cutlery in any chef’s arsenal. With an outside the box mindset, we’ve succeeded in creating a life-time quality knife that still retains an affordable price. The result is a user-friendly, rugged, versatile and hard-to-resist multi-purpose stainless steel knife that will take your cooking to the next level no matter location.

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  • 8” Full Tang, 50cr15mov Stainless Steel Blade

  • Balanced & Weighed Ergonomic Handle

  • Multi-Purpose Cutting Properties

  • Lifetime Warranty

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How durable is the blade?

It’s rugged enough to do this:

And still sharp enough to do this:




Steel forged in fire and ice to produce a blade that is resistant to corrosion, holds its edge longer, extremely durable and easy to resharpen.

NoBox All Purpose Chef Knife_On White


Handle that comes from a certified sustainable forestry because we support and believe in responsible practices.

NoBox Chef Knife_Rosewood Handle


Use leather sheath for storing or travel. Easily attaches with clip.

NoBox Chef Knife_Leather Sheath


We design products inspired by cultures we’ve visited, places, people, and by things both old and new. Each product we craft has a story behind it. The Nobox Chef Knife story started with two friends — our founder Robert and his long- time business partner, Mr. Deng.

Robert has always found connection through camping, gardening, being outdoors, and traveling to new places. He enjoys cooking, whether it's a simple hot meal cooked over a campfire, or trying new flavors and recipes in the kitchen that are inspired from the people and cultures he's encountered. He discovered a unique handmade, durable chef knife from a maker in Wyoming, USA. It's versatility for indoor and outdoor use invited another thing he values — simplifying life.

It inspired him to create something similar in quality, usefulness, and design that would be affordable for everyone. Mr. Deng, an exceptional metal engineer, agreed to come out of retirement and help create NoBox’s first product. Mr. Deng’s ingenuity, skills, and personal standard of quality meant it took some time. He was not willing to produce anything that didn’t meet his standards. It's easy to resharpen and maintain. Its design is beautiful for the indoor and tough enough for the outdoors.

In honor of Mr. Deng’s determination, skills, precision in crafting a beautiful product, and gratitude for his and Robert’s 18-year friendship — we’ve branded his family’s hanzi on each of the knives he’s produced.


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